Top 5 Offensive Linemen in the 2020 Draft


With many teams suffering from offensive line issues, teams may be looking at replacing current players or upgrading a certain position. This year’s draft class is absolutely stacked with premier offensive line talent inside and outside. If your team is in need of an NFL-ready lineman, this is the year to find one. Here we’re going to take a look at the top 5 offensive linemen in this draft class and why I consider them to be the top choices:

5. Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama

Leatherwood is an big athletic tackle at 6′ 6″ 310 pounds and he can move. He uses weight distribution well and has incredible strength at the point of attack. He started as a right tackle, but moved over to the left side and has been excelling and improving week by week. While he needs a little bit of work in his technique, he is a versatile offensive lineman with tremendous upside. He may benefit from playing inside for a year or two, but he could be a quality tackle out of the gate.

Draft Projection: Late First Round

Potential Fits: Miami, Minnesota, Buffalo

4. Creed Humphrey, IOL, Oklahoma

A big guy with a lot of strength and power from the interior, Humphrey is a stocky offensive lineman prospect who can move to the second level extremely well. He has some limitations in his wingspan and reach, but he is very good at lifting up defenders and planting them in the dirt. Seriously, this guy has a future in the WWE if the NFL doesn’t work out. Improving his explosiveness at the point of attack will help improve his draft stock from here.

Draft Projection: Late First Round

Potential Fits: San Francisco, New England, Kansas City

3. Tyler Biadasz, IOL, Wisconsin

He’s been the anchor of one of the best offensive lines and rushing offenses in college football since 2017 and he made the tough choice to not declare for the draft last year in hopes of improving his draft stock. Needless to say, it worked. Biadasz has great size and loves contact. Excellent executor and has a whole lot of nasty in him. He has great hand placement and can make it hard for defenders to disengage blocks. The downside to Biadasz is we haven’t seen a lot from him in terms of pass protection, but when we have, his form and lower body has some inconsistencies. With some coaching, these issues can be fixed. There’s a lot to love about this guy and a team that likes to run the ball would be a great fit for him.

Draft Projection: Mid-First Round

Potential Fits: Tennessee, Arizona, Miami

2. Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa

Ho-ly crap. This guy is an absolute BEAST. In the weight room, on the field, on the tape…everywhere. A huge guy, with very quick feet, Wirfs is your prototypical NFL offensive lineman. He has the versatility to play on either side with efficiency. He’s got a strong punch that can stun rushers off the edge in pass protection and he’s very technical and powerful in the run game. You won’t catch Wirfs leaning very often. He’s so incredibly patient in his pass sets, it’s scary. He cleans up blocks extremely well, driving defenders backwards and putting them in the dirt. At times he can reach a bit on his punches and miss, but it’s very rare. A patient, powerful giant of a man? I’ll take him on my offensive line please.

Draft Projection: Top 10

Potential Fits: Washington, New York Jets, Denver

1. Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia

If you were to tell me to find you the perfect offensive lineman prospect for your team, it would take me .01 seconds to whip out the film for Thomas. A huge tackle at 6′ 5″ 320, Thomas has an incredibly wide, but sturdy frame. He has a powerful punch and has the ability to stop the best pass rushers from reaching the top of the rushing path. Like Wirfs, he has extremely quick feet for such a large prospect and his quick burst speed is the best of any of the linemen. Great length and a sturdy anchor, the power is the most notable part of his game. Probably not the best in zone blocking schemes, but I don’t think it would take long for him to figure it out. If you want a great sample of his ability, go watch his film against Kentucky in 2018 and find the clip of him flinging first-round EDGE rusher Josh Allen like a rag doll. You’re welcome.

Draft Projection: Top 5

Potential Fits: Cincinnati, Washington, Miami