Super Bowl Prop Bets: Vegas/Bovada


The biggest event in football is one week away, with every analyst in the game having a field day coming up with their version of the outcome. I’ll admit I love researching deep analytics on all of the interesting players from the opposing teams, but through doing this year after year I learned a few tricks along the way to help me apply this knowledge to betting on game props. Game props, to me, are the most fun to throw your money at, but part of the process is to know the history a bit along with trends. It has chosen a few of the best prop bets to talk about today, but the danger with this being the Super Bowl, is there are so many props available that it’s easy to get caught in the Vegas fly trap.

One of the props I saw as a trap is the “will Tony Romo correctly predict over 7.5 plays during the Super Bowl”. That’s tricky because we don’t know if Vegas counts an audible as a successful call, or if the play is changed the last minute to the wrong call. There’s too much grey area for me, even though, Tony Romo is pretty good at predicting the next play. Another prop pertaining to Adam Levine’s shirt color, I just don’t want any part of it, then that would be up to whoever is deciding if its teal or light blue (something like that).

Gladys Knight will be singing the National Anthem for the game, so the over under line is at 1 minute 47 seconds. She had the opportunity to sing in the same game 28 years ago and that was clocked at 1 minute 41 seconds. I’m willing to bet that the 75-year-old Knight will really put some good soul into the anthem; I’ll bet big on this one. The other lock for me is “how many times will the broadcast mention Sean Mcvays age”, over 1.5 at -190 under 1.5 +145. I don’t care about the payout split here, that’s guaranteed money in your pocket. Considering Sean Mcvay had turned 1 year old the day before Bill Belichick won his first Super Bowl with the Giants on January 25, 1987. So yeah, consider this a lock for the over.

Other props I like:

• Total Donald Trump tweets. Over 6 at -140/ Under 6 Even. Over

• How many replays will be shown of Ted holding Sean Mcvay back? Over 1.5 at -130. Under 1.5 at -105. Over

• Will Billy McFarland be caught selling counterfeit tickets to the Super Bowl? Yes, +2500. No -10000. No (must be caught by Feb. 28th)

• Will any QB throw for 400 or more yards in the game? Yes, +210. No -320. No

• MVP. Tom Brady +125. Jared Goff +250. Todd Gurley +1000. Sony Michel +1200. Cj Anderson +1600. Aron Donald +1800. James White +2000. Brandin Cooks +4000. Robert Woods +5000. Julian Edelman +2000. Rob Gronkowski +3000. Go with your gut on this one. Quarterbacks win this award most of the time. Tom Brady