Scouting Report: Jacob Eason, QB, Washington



Eason is a 6”6, 227-pound Junior QB. He spent his first two college seasons as a member of the Georgia Bulldogs, playing under Kirby Smart. He transferred to the Pac-12, taking over as the starting QB for the Washington Huskies his Jr. season, where he threw for 23 TDs and 8 INTs. Eason is a big-arm QB who uses his pitching mechanics to enhance an already strong throwing arm. 

Games Watched:

Weeks 7-9

Vs. Oregon

Vs. Utah



  • More than enough arm strength to throw into tight windows in the NFL
  • Accurate on all levels of the field with a clean pocket, especially on deep balls
  • Quick reaction mid-play as a pure and athlete, especially when plays break down
  • Utilizes baseball pitching mechanics through hip rotation, feet positioning, follow-through, quick release with opening of shoulder late to maximize velocity. Very impressive to watch.
  • Great footwork inside the pocket
  • Great footwork outside the pocket, evading pressure and resetting his feet in a hurry
  • Quick to scan through his progressions.
  • Correct and ultra-fast decision making on when to leave the pocket.
  • Keeps eyes downfield and perfectly times release when the WR has the DB beaten over the top.
  • Not going to beat you with speed, but his athleticism and quick reaction allow him to extend plays outside the pocket.


  • Puts too much mustard on some balls, often delivering them too high.
  • Accuracy takes too big a dip under duress. Not always the case, but often is.
  • Needs to be more aware of defenders jumping routes. (See Utah game)
  • Needs to improve decision making
  • Doesn’t show NFL level awareness of where DBs are mid-play
  • Inconsistent ball placement on short throws, missing them or forcing his targets to adjust too much before they start running with the ball

Bottom line:

He is not NFL-ready because he lacks anticipation of what defenses are doing against him, makes too many questionable decisions, and needs to improve short-field accuracy. That accuracy, often-times will take a big hit under duress. Overall, his processing skills would lead to too many turnovers if he started as a rookie. If he goes to a good NFL franchise with a good head coach, with an excellent offensive line, gets the right development, and commits himself, he can be a good starting QB in the NFL. Personally speaking, I question whether he has the “IT” mentality, as I don’t see the burning passion. Passion is often something you feel, and I don’t get that from watching his interviews. If the issues mentioned above do not improve, he will be a career backup. I think it was definitely the right for him to leave college, as I believe he has reached his potential as a college QB. It’s time for him to develop in the NFL, sitting for 1-3 seasons. The middle of the 2nd round is where I would draft him. However, his ceiling for me is somewhere in the middle of the 1st round.

Career projection: If he goes to a team with a good offensive line, quality coaching, and applies himself, he has the tools to be a top 10-15 QB in the NFL. I think it will happen if he wants it bad enough. Despite his strong-arm, stature, and baseball background, he does not have anywhere near the ceiling of Patrick Mahomes, so let’s stop those comparisons. Still, believe me when I say, he does have some serious potential.