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Trent Richardson Penalized By AAF For TD Spike Celebration

The Alliance of American Football has had one of first ridiculous penalties already but it didn’t come on a play. Instead, it was a celebration by Birmingham Iron halfback Trent Richardson. On his second touchdown of the game, the former Alabama standout spiked the football, which bounced into the stands and into the hands of a lucky fan. This results in the refs tossing a 15-yard penalty his way.

The reasoning for the flag was not for excessive celebration, as the AAF allows players to celebrate touchdowns. The issue was that Richardson lost the ball to a fan and it was an expensive ball. Data analysis is a priority of the league and this is done by implanting chips into the footballs to track their movements. The AAF stated after the game that they will be handing out penalties to players giving away or losing their expensive footballs.

Was a huge 15-yard penalty excessive? Yes, but there should be some sort of punishment if the AAF wants to crack down on having to replace the chipped balls. A 5-yard penalty or a small reimbursement fine would have been better suited here. If the league stays around for a few years, this penalty will go away as their budget increases.


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