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Steve The Scout’s NFL All-Time Team on Offense

My NFL All-Time Team is something that I am flat out excited to put together. It is me saying; I am taking systems, coaches, and Super Bowl wins out of the equation, and just putting together a team, purely based on how great these individual players were, and how they would function as a team. At their best, I believe these are all respectively the greatest players in NFL history at their respective positions.

QB: Peyton Manning (Colts, Broncos) – Tom Brady was more clutch, but he also played on far better teams with so many things playing to Brady’s advantage.  Peyton Manning is still the greatest regular season QB in history, and on film the best I have ever seen play the position. I do think it’s very close, and Brady certainly would be my backup.  Let’s be honest, Peyton would likely have more than 2 Lombardi Trophies if he played for Bill Belichick and some of those teams. Yes

Left Tackle: Anthony Munoz (Bengals) – The best Left Tackle in NFL history. Enough said.

Left Guard: Larry Allen (Cowboys) – The strongest man in NFL history, and one hell of a fundamentally sound guard. Try dealing with this guy on the 2nd level if you are an opposing LB. Bruce Matthews was a better Guard fundamentally, but Allen was a bulldozer, unlike anything we have ever seen. I can’t say no to Larry Allen on an all-time offensive line. 

Center: Mike Webster (Steelers) – The always animated Terry Bradshaw asked to put his hands in Mike Webster’s butt one more time at his HOF induction, and for good reason. No, not because Webster had a chiseled posterior (maybe he did, maybe he didn’t), but the point is Webster was the greatest offensive player on a Steelers team who won 4 Super Bowls, with numerous hall of fame players. Webster was a master-pass protector and was a huge part of Franco Harris’s success. He played with finesse and was a finisher.

Right Guard: John Hannah (Patriots) – I believe John Hannah and Anthony Munoz are the 2 greatest offensive linemen in NFL history. For 13 seasons, Hannah redefined what an NFL offensive guard should look like. Nobody was better, ever.

Right Tackle Jonathan Ogden (Ravens) – For me, The NFL’s all-time best offensive tackle not named Anthony Munoz.

RB 1: Walter Payton (Bears) – I am using 2 RB’s here for strategic purposes. I am not putting Walter Payton ahead of Barry Sanders. I am saying that if I could make a two-headed monster, it would be with these two players, using Walter to wear them down, and Barry to come in and bury them.

RB 2: Barry Sanders (Lions) – After Walter wears down the defense, Barry put’s on a show, reminding us that his jump-cut ability was unlike anything we have ever seen.  In my opinion, Barry is the greatest offensive weapon in NFL history, and the most special athlete I have ever seen play the position. Just imagine using him after Walter Payton and Larry Allen break the will of a defense. 

TE: Tony Gonzalez (Chiefs, Falcons) –  It’s not by a long-shot as there are a number of remarkable TE’s like John Mackey, Mike Ditka, Shannon Sharpe, etc, but this is the best receiving tight end in NFL history.

WR 1: Jerry Rice (49ers, Raiders, Seahawks) –I once heard someone say, “If you take the greatest football players ever, defining the one thing they were best it, Jerry Rice in and out of his breaks, was the most impressive thing we have ever seen on a football field. Look, he doesn’t have Randy Moss’s natural gifts, but many (including me) believe he is still the greatest WR in NFL history.

WR 2: Randy Moss (Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, Titans, 49ers) – I believe Randy Moss is the 2nd best WR to ever play. His combination of size, speed, high-jumping ability, nastiness, and route running made him one-of-a-kind. If you combined Tyreek Hill and Calvin Johnson, throw them in a blender, you come out with Randy Moss.


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