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Teams That Should Look At Josh Rosen For 2020

Since entering the league in 2018, Josh Rosen has faced constant obstacles. He was drafted in the 2018 NFL Draft 10th overall and the fourth QB selected. During training camp, Rosen won the backup role behind Sam Bradford. Three weeks into the season, Rosen was named the starter over the struggling Bradford. It was likely much too early for Rosen to take the full lead over the team. Add on the injuries on offense, the shaky o-line and the change of OC in the middle of the season and the cards were stacked against Rosen.

In 2019, the team brought in Kliff Kingsbury as the new HC and he wanted to bring in his own guy. Enter Kyler Murray and exit Rosen straight to Miami, where things were no better. Another poor offense and a constant QB carousel with Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Dolphins were sellers during the trade deadline and seem to just be using Rosen as a bridge QB until they draft their next face of the franchise in 2020. He is still a young player who can still play and be molded into a real competitor. There are several teams out there that should look at him for next year.

Instant Starter

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are winless halfway through the season. They have been on a slow decline over the last few seasons, but this is rock bottom. It has been nine years now for Andy Dalton and his time has run out. The question is who they replace him with? The rookie Ryan Finley is the only other suitable option on the roster and it is only a matter of time before he gets the call. Rosen could be brought in and would be the best QB on the roster. The Bengals’ offense is far from perfect but is in better shape than Miami. The Bengals could end up using their high first-round pick to start their rebuild around someone like Rosen. It would be a process but could have great results in the end.

Denver Broncos

Joe Flacco is too inconsistent and volatile to be a long-term option. His recent outburst towards the coaching staff might be the nail in the coffin for them to move on to a new starter. At 2-6 and big sellers at the trade deadline, they aren’t contending for anything this year. Fan-favorite Drew Lock is a suitable QB but is currently on IR. Rosen could come in and the two could battle it out and push each other to be better. Rosen has the experience that could give him the edge to be the early starter. The Broncos are already starting a rebuilding process and having someone like Rosen on the team to build around is a positive.

Work In Progress

Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota is out and Ryan Tannehill is actually winning games and looking good doing so. The big question mark still remains on if he can continue or not. Rosen could be brought in as more of an insurance plan. Maybe the answer for Miami QBs is to go down to Tennessee. On one hand, Tannehill could improve with the competition aspect and the Titans keep Rosen and he learns from the bench. They could also end up trading him away after a year or two learning as a backup. On the other hand, Tannehill could end up choking and Rosen can come in. The offense is good enough to help support him while he got up to speed.

New England Patriots

Look at Jimmy G and Jacoby Brissett right now. One is undefeated and the other has filled in for Andrew Luck and is 5-2. The Patriots have a way of molding their backup QBs into future starters for other teams in the league. Rosen could take advantage of that next. Tom Brady’s future seems to be uncertain in a sense. Rookie Jarrett Stidham could pan out but the jury is still out on him. They bring in Josh Rosen and he competes with Stidham to test the rookie. If Brady does stay, Rosen can learn from the best and could leave and start for another team. There is also a slight chance that he progresses well enough and he takes over for Brady when he eventually does leave New England.

LA Chargers

The Chargers entered 2019 as high contenders and are now at the bottom of the barrel. Rumors are starting to swirl that Philip Rivers is nearing the end of his tenure with the team. The current backups don’t bode well for the future. Rosen could come in and serve a role similar to the one mentioned with the Patriots. Rivers is still an incredible QB with much to teach. Rosen could sit back until Rivers bids farewell and grow over time.

Miami Dolphins

Hear me out here. This is a long-shot as the coaching staff doesn’t fully believe in Rosen. It could still work out though. Miami seems destined to draft a quarterback with their potential number one overall pick. Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama is the front-runner currently. He might not even be the best QB from the upcoming draft class. The Dolphins are a few years from being back in any sort of contention. A possibility would be to take their time. Keep Rosen and a veteran QB on the roster. They can then use their top picks to build the rest of the team where there are major holes. Josh Rosen has the capability to be a good starter in this league if given the weapons and support. It is still a gamble, but then again, so is taking Tua in the first round.

The best-case scenario for Josh Rosen would be to not start for a team immediately. He needs to find a team with an o-line that can allow him the time to be the playmaker he can be. He needs valuable weapons around him and a coaching staff that gives him their full support. There can still be a bright future for the young man.

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