Top 10 Trade Deadline Targets

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This season has been different from many seasons, as we have witnessed. From injuries to no preseason to job security, it has taken a toll on the NFL as a whole. As we approach the trade deadline, we look at the players who could be looking for a new home. However, we could be looking at teams who want to build their draft stock for the future. However, whatever team the NFL player is traded to, that team will utilize that player to their best ability.

This list goes from 10 to 1, 1 being the most valuable of the bunch. Let’s take a close look at who is on this list as the top 10 trade deadline targets. These are my top 10 trade deadline targets:

10. Ryan Fitzpatrick– Q.B., MIA (1535 PaYds, 10 T.D.s, 7 INTs in 2020)

Boy, I did not think this will be a conversation this early in the season, but here it is. Fitzpatrick has had a pretty decent season as the starter for the Dolphins. Completing 70.1 percent of passes thrown and a rating of 82.5, we thought we would be seeing the Fitzmagic for the entire season, but that just wasn’t the case. After leading Miami to back-to-back wins and bringing the team to .500 at 3-3, Miami decided to bench Fitzpatrick and roll with the young rookie Q.B. Tua Tagovailoa. After two plays in last week’s matchup, Dolphins decided to name the young rookie as the starting Q.B. when they play the Rams in week 8.

With that being said, other teams might take a stab at the veteran Q.B. to salvage their season.

Dallas Cowboys:

Dallas seems like a good fit considering the recent injury to the backup QB Andy Dalton due to a concussion. Not to mention how the division is still winnable despite all teams are under .500. Not sure what’s Dalton’s status is as far as the concussion protocol, but the Cowboys definitely should be looking for another option under center. Fitzpatrick works well when he has the weapons, and what weapons are better than the force of the receiving core Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and CeeDee Lamb. Not to mention TE Dalton Schultz. He also has 2 R.B.s who also can take some passing attempts off his arm with Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard. With the issues at offensive line and the coaching controversy going on, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this.

Chicago Bears:

Fitz can also make a move for the Bears. Although they have the S.B. champion Nick Foles, it doesn’t look all that great. The Bears are 5-2 this season and will be looking to move up into the ranks to solidify their playoff chances, and Fitzpatrick could give the Bears a leg up. I can see Chicago making a solid run if they make a move to acquire the veteran Q.B.

This trade can seem unlikely, but if a reasonable compensation is offered, I think Miami would jump at it. But HC Brian Flores might want to keep Fitz there to groom the rookie Q.B.

9. David Njoku– T.E., CLE (4 Games, 7 Rec, 86 RecYds, 2 T.D.s in 2020)

Since Cleveland signed Hooper in the offseason, Njoku kind of took the back burner on the T.E. depth chart. Hooper was injured and underwent surgery for appendicitis over the weekend. Even with an injury, the Browns have started young rookie TE Harrison Bryant in Sunday’s game. That means that Browns might be open to trading Njoku. Don’t forget that Njoku has requested a trade back in July, but he has rescinded that statement. Maybe his request will come into reality this week during the deadline.

Philadelphia Eagles:

One logical move would be to Philly, considering that both Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert suffered ankle injuries. Njoku traded to Philly will be a big move and could Philly in the making to possibly winning the disastrous NFC East division.

Dallas Cowboys:

Another move that makes sense in a way would be Dallas. Starting TE Blake Jarwin has suffered an ACL injury that deemed him out for the season, which leaves young TE Dalton Schultz. Schultz has been in good stead at the T.E. position in Dallas. Now it’s true that Schultz has performed adequately in his stead, but it has become useful to roster two weapons at tight end in the modern-day NFL. Again, the division is still up for grabs after six weeks, with each team have two or fewer wins. That will give QB Andy Dalton more weapons in the offense.

New England Patriots

The Patriots have been looking for a steady T.E. to grab, which is why making a move for Njoku would be an excellent benefit for QB Cam Newton. Patriots drafted two T.E.s after Ben Watson retired, and Matt LaCosse decided to opt-out due to COVID-19. Rookie Ryan Izzo is more of a blocking T.E. Patriots could use an athletic weapon like Njoku, considering they lack that area on the offense.

8. Kenny Stills– WR, Houston Texans (10 Rec, 138 RecYds, 1 T.D. in 2020)

This one is fascinating to me and is why I added this player. Texans acquired WR Randall Cobb, which has made Stills the odd man out. Cobb has been getting more productive in Houston’s offense with Will Fuller, which left Stills invisible somewhat. Stills is a big body and a serious physical threat that will be great for teams who are looking for that kind of skilled W.R. With the trade deadline approaching, who will go out and grab Stills?

New England Patriots:

New England needs more weapons for Cam Newton than what he’s given. There is no explosiveness with that offense, which you can see on the field. Stills pairing up with Cam will be beneficial for both players. With Stills being a threat, which is something that Cam needs as well, this pairing can be a good marriage. Not to mention becoming a duo with young WR N’Keal Harry. Not to mention a healthy Julian Edelman would be great as well.

Cleveland Browns

There is no doubt that Cleveland could also be another move for Stills. With the recent season-ending injury of Odell Beckham Jr., Stills will be a perfect look to keep Cleveland’s season going. Stills might not be comparable to ODB, but he will serve his purpose as a physical threat with Q.B. Baker Mayfield.

San Fransisco 49ers:

Kenny Stills could make a move to the west coast to San Fran with Kyle Shanahan. 49ers look like they are reshaping to become contenders again after losing many key players due to injuries. However, they could use a big body deep threat like Stills. With young rookie WRs Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuels, that will be a powerful wideout core in San Fran, not to mention the TE George Kittle. This move will be great for San Fran.

7. Fletcher Cox– D.T., PHI (1.5 sacks, 12 solo tackles)

I happen to like Cox and how aggressive he is on the line. The 9-year vet has an extensive resume that goes long. 5-time Pro-Bowl, 1 Super Bowl, 1-time All-Pro, and 1-time HOF All-2010’s Team for the Eagles. This trade will cost a hefty price, but he is worth it, to an extent. The question is, do you break your bank for him, or do you give just enough to attain him and possibly sign him for another few years. Where would he go, and where will he fit?

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks could acquire Cox to bolster that pass rush they have lacked this season. With Seattle being bottom 10 in rushing yards allowed per game, Cox can help minimize the number of yards allowed. However, what price will Seattle pay to acquire such a stud like Cox?

Tennessee Titans

The Titans could make a play at Cox as well. With the lack of production from DE Jadeveon Clowney, the Titans will have to do something to get a leg up on the pass rush as well. That will be a benefit for Cox.

Some would love to see Cox elsewhere, but Philly has restructured Cox’s salary to create $5.732 million in cap space. He will not be traded during the season, but it is still possible if the price tag is right.

6. Ryan Kerrigan– DE/LB, WAS (4 sacks, 5 solo tackles)

As a Washington fan, it is hard for me to consider this player to have on another jersey other than burgundy and gold. However, the NFL is always a business first. Ryan Kerrigan has been doing his time on the bench but as a situational down pass rusher after the drafting of young EDGE rusher Chase Young. He has broken the all-time franchise record for sacks (90) and now totals 94 sacks. As the season continues, he is looking to extend that record and extend his place in history. A few teams will be looking to add to their pass-rushing scheme as the trade deadline approaches. American sportswriter Peter King said Kerrigan is the best value in a pass rusher during the trade deadline.

Seattle Seahawks:

The Seahawks have been struggling with pass rushers after losing DE Everson Griffen in the offseason. A few years back, they lost former DE Michael Bennett as well. They will be looking to add some depth to their pass rush to gain more sacks. Despite the success Seahawks have had this season, they are in the bottom 4 of most points allowed this season. Adding Kerrigan to that pass rush team can improve and lessen the amount of yardage.

Tennessee Titans:

The Titans have struggled with pass-rushing with the lack of productivity from recently acquired DE Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney has zero sacks, so that experiment is not going too well. The Titans have been rolling with punches, but the pass rush will play a significant factor when it comes to the playoff times. Trading for Kerrigan will be a big boost for that Tennessee front seven. Adding a pass rusher is very important because it will keep these mobile Q.B.’s in containment, and they won’t be able to scramble around and but time for receivers to get open downfield.

New Orleans Saints:

It isn’t too crazy to consider the Saints either. They could use the depth right now. Part of their struggle has been kicking games off on the right foot. Their defense just hasn’t brought the intensity as teams have had their way with New Orleans early. Adding Kerrigan to be alongside Demario Davis would be a key acquisition. If you have plans of making the playoffs, HC Sean Payton should go out for Kerrigan to add depth to the pass rush.

5. Harrison Smith– S, MIN ( 1 INT, 16 tackles, 2 PassDef.)

Now, this player is a gem in his own right. Harrison Smith is a 5-time Pro Bowler and a 1-time All-Pro player. His resume is extensive and has the skills that many teams could use in their secondary. Who would go out and snag this 9-year veteran safety? The price would be a little heavy but not too much considering his age. Smith would be an essential addition to a rising contender who plans to make the playoffs and needs a reliable option in the secondary.

Cleveland Browns:

The Browns could make a move, considering how much success their defense has been. HC Kevin Stefanski is no stranger to Smith, having worked with him during his Vikings. This would give the Browns’ playoff hopes a big shot if the price is right. Also, former Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo has been decent in the secondary, so adding Smith to that secondary will be a one-two punch on the backend of having a real shot to win the ultra-competitive AFC North division.

Baltimore Ravens

After the bolstering trade, Vikings has done recently, no doubt that they can easily do it again with the Baltimore Ravens. The recent trade for Yannick Ngakoue last week stormed the NFL platform, and this trade can very much do the same as well. With the recent departure of former safety Earl Thomas III, Ravens could cause some trade issues. However, it may be unlikely to consider how Chuck Clark and DeShon Elliot have been reliable in the backfield. Also, It is risky for the Ravens to give up even more draft capital.

Dallas Cowboys:

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Dallas would go out to snag the veteran safety. With issues lingering in the secondary, Smith would be a substantial acquisition at the safety position. It can serve as a leader for that young secondary after the departure of former DB Byron Jones. Dallas has a lot of injuries on that secondary, so having Smith, there will help some.

4. Carlos Dunlap– D.T., CIN ( 1 Sack, 13 Solo Tackles in 2020)

(Update: Traded to Seattle)

Carlos Dunlap has been furious with being demoted a few weeks ago. With being the franchise’s all-time sack leader, he did not take being demoted very well. The 2-time Pro-Bowler attempted to sell his house in Cincinnati to tell the team to trade him. The relationship between Cincinnati and Dunlap looks severed at this point. The cost may be affordable, considering the toxic relationship that has been brewing so far. There are some teams Dunlap would fit right into if a trade happens before the deadline on Nov. 2nd.

Seattle Seahawks:

Once again, Seattle is the top team searching for a pass rusher, and Dunlap can fit that search very much so. With Dunlap not wanting to be in Cincinnati no more, Dunlap’s price might be less affordable. The organization must trade for him rather than release him. They can easily trade a 2021 seventh-rounder and Dunlap for Seattle’s fifth-rounder. This trade will be a crucial addition to Seattle’s defense as it can improve the pass rush.

Cleveland Browns:

Trading to a rival team is always risky business, but it will happen if the price is right. Dunlap, being added to that aggressive front seven defense in Cleveland, will add more depth and size to the line. That will be monumental trade for Cleveland if the price is right.

Las Vegas Raiders:

If anybody goes out for Dunlap, you would think the Raiders would. Considering the history of current DC Paul Guenther, a former D.C. of the Bengals, Dunlap will fit right in. They also have a history of acquiring former Bengals players like Vontaze Burfict and Preston Brown. The Raiders also have struggled to get to the Q.B., as they sit tied for 28th in sacks this season. The chemistry can still be there, and it wouldn’t be a wrong trade move.

3. James Carpenter– G, Atlanta Falcons

I like Carpenter, as he has been pretty good in his ten years in the NFL. He is 31 currently, so his price as an offensive lineman can be low, but still a little expensive. He has a Super Bowl with Seattle, but that is pretty much it. This season he has been very good at the guard position committing no penalties so far. Some teams will use his services.

Chicago Bears:

The bears are currently 5-2 and need a position filled at the guard position after losing James Daniels to a torn pectoral muscle for the season. Carpenter will be a nice fill in to protect Nick Foles as the Bears attempt to make a run to the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys:

Dallas’s offensive line has crashed and burned with injuries piling up on the offensive line. They have young players in the realm, which is not paying off effectively. Adding Carpenter, could someone help Dallas gain yard offensively with Zeke and protect the Q.B. More is needed on that offensive line, but this is a start.

Cincinnati Bengals:

It’s evident that young rookie QB Joe Burrow needs to have better protection. He has been very good with the amount of protection given and can be better if HC Zac Taylor improves the offensive line before the trade deadline. The Bengals are 1-4-1 and will more likely not make a run for the playoffs, but they should add depth to the offensive line for the long-term health of their young Q.B. Adding a guard like Carpenter in the interior would be very helpful for that offensive line.

2. J.J. Watt– D.E., HOU (3 Sacks, 1 F.F., 16 Tackles)

This is a shocker for me, but Watt has been unhappy lately in Houston. With the Bill O’Brien firing and now under the leadership of Romeo Crennel, things hasn’t been great for the 10-year vet. He has been angry at the way the team has been playing as a whole, and so far, it looks like Watt might ready to walk out of Houston. Depending on which team decides to make this trade, it will be a BLOCKBUSTER deal. There will be a lot that would have to go into this deal.

What can teams will benefit and can make this deal happen? It’s going to cost a team 3 top picks for next year’s draft.

Seattle Seahawks:

The Seahawks are desperate to add some pass rushers to the defense, and acquiring Watt will add tremendous pass rushing. Watt has everything you need in a pass rusher, and having L.B.s like Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright will add more aggression to that defense. The deal will have to be big and benefit both sides, but I think Seattle can make it work.

New Orleans Saints:

Now, this is a team that could use the extra pass rush, and Watt brings precisely that. Also, the Saints can give the Texans the draft capital that they are currently looking for. As you know, the trade definitely will be costly, but it’s worth it for a big-time pass rusher like Watt. This can also improve the pass rush like the Saints need and possibly solidify their run to the playoffs.

1. A.J. Green– WR, CIN (29 Rec, 297 RecYds, 0 TDs in 2020)

I think Cincy’s time has come for the veteran receiver. Green’s season started rocky and hasn’t produced numbers as well. The best thing for Cincinnati right now is to build the draft capital. Now, Green’s price will not be as high due to multiple injuries and age, but he will not be super cheap. I will say a mid-rounder is what he will most likely go for. If he does go anywhere, it will have to be a team running for the playoffs. A.J. Green isn’t getting any younger, so going to a rebuild mode team is not the best option.

Green Bay Packers:

With Aaron Rodgers possibly seeing the end of his days in Green Bay pretty soon with retirement in the next year or so, this is a perfect spot for the veteran W.R. The pairing of Devante Adams and A.J. Green can be beneficial for HC Matt LeFleur offense. Also, young receiver Allen Lazard will be added to the receiving core when he returns from injury. This can be a big move and can solidify a run into the playoffs for Green Bay, with the team being 5-1 right now.

San Fransisco 49ers:

Kyle Shanahan can make a move to acquire Green. This move will help out Jimmy Graham being another big weapon on the field. San Fran also has a depth of young receivers like Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuels and veteran receiver Emmanuel Sanders. A trade like that can set up to be a high powered offense, with the TE George Kittle being a weapon as well. Jimmy G needs as many weapons as possible to spread the field offensively, and the acquisition of A.J. Green will do just that.

Las Vegas Raiders:

The thought of A.J. Green in a Jon Gruden offense does not sound so bad. When you look at the offense and the weapons they have, having Green will expand the field a little more. Green can fit into the receiving core alongside the young rookie Henry Ruggs and young TE Darren Waller. Derek Carr could use more weapons in the offense as well. The Raiders offense has been pretty good this season as Carr only threw one interception so far. Raiders have the cap to pay Green and have the draft capital to compensate the Bengals as well. Raiders could get it done and can be the front runners to make this deal happen.

The trade deadline is approaching quickly, and teams will have to move even quicker as other teams will be shopping and selling. More details will come as the deadline comes Nov. 2nd.

Plus Note: Check out the latest articles on Sam Darnold and Dwayne Haskins possible trades.


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