Trade Targets for Dwayne Haskins

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What Went Wrong from Week 1

In the offseason, Washington fans had high hopes for Dwayne Haskins and how we would progress in the 2020 season. With the confidence boost of HC Ron Rivera, Haskins was ready to start the high note season. Now it is week 7, and Haskins is no longer the starting QB. Why is that, you may ask? Where could he possibly go as the trade deadline is quickly approaching next week? I am here to give possible trade targets for Dwayne Haskins.

Where did it go wrong?

After week one and becoming 1-0 with a divisional win against the Eagles was a plus for Haskins. However, the weeks came, and his numbers have not improved. There are some reasons for that being, but HC Rivera wanted to see growth out of Haskins week by week. Washington suffered a 15-30 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in week 2. Haskins only scored in the 4th quarter, putting up 223 yards passing and one TD. Afterward, he had another bad game against the Browns in week 3, losing 34-20. Haskins put up 224 yds and 2 tds with 3 ints. That game was his worst of the season. Teammates were frustrated in the locker room after overhearing Haskins mentioning his stats. Haskins was benched after the week 4 loss against the Ravens and was listed inactive as the 3rd string QB behind veteran Alex Smith.

Why now?

Most fans were upset at the sudden change of QBs, after hearing HC Rivera praise Haskins about his growth and how he was sticking with Haskins no matter the losses. The message was not clear once he named Kyle Allen as the starting QB. Rivera went to the media after the week 4 loss during practice.

“For 11 weeks he was our starter and, again, just the indictment is on the situation, its circumstances, OK? No OTAs, no minicamp, all right? A different version of training camp without four preseason games. So the evaluation was over 11 weeks and, during that process, we saw some positive things. And I know I was very positive because I’m trying to build confidence in the young man, not just for him but for his teammates. It started for one year. Last year, he got an opportunity to play in 4 or 5 games that showed his ability and talent, and that’s what I was going off of — what I saw and what I liked. So now, for 11 weeks, we tried to see where he is, JP. And really, I still think he is still developing.” – HC Ron Rivera in an interview with Washington Football Reporter JP Finlay.

There has been speculation of whether or not Ron Rivera put Haskins in a position to succeed on the field. Washington has had offensive line struggles all season with the lack of protection. Haskins so far only played 4 games and has 939 passing yards, 4 tds, 3 ints, 61% completion, and a QB rating of 31.7, which is 31st in the league.

Does he stay, or does he go?

Some may say sitting on the bench can help him learn as a young QB; others think he is finished in Washington. In a press conference, Ron Rivera said, “Haskins is not done here despite what people may think. It’s is only the beginning for the kid.” Washington fans do not want to see Haskins in another jersey in the NFL. Other team fans wouldn’t mind having Haskins on their team to learn and grow with their franchise. The main question is, who can he go to, and where would be an excellent fit for him. So HERE it is:

Trade Target 1: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are doing well right now at 6-0 starting the season. Ben Roethlisberger is firing on all cylinders and is winning hard-fought matchups. It could be an OK fit for Haskins considering the coaching of Mike Tomlin. Haskins and Big Ben have a similar body structure being a big body with some footwork to extend the plays. We saw Pittsburgh struggle last season with backup QBs.

In Pittsburgh, Haskins could sit the remainder of the season behind Big Ben, learning from one of the best passers over the past two decades. Once Roethlisberger ultimately decides to hang up the cleats, Haskins should be ready to take over.

Not to mention, they have a much better arsenal of weapons in Pittsburgh with JuJu Smith-Schuster, Dionte Johnson, and Chase Claypool. And they have one of the best RB companies in the NFL. This will give Haskins a chance to rewrite his story on his career.

Trade Target 2: New England Patriots

New England had found their gem inside Cam Newton before he tested positive for COVID-19, but let’s not forget that Cam only signed for one year, which makes sense for them to go out for Haskins. If anyone can mold Haskins into the QB they know he can be, it is the great Bill Belichick. Belichick has been great with Brady, and he seems to be doing pretty well with Cam Newton, but having Haskins there as a backup can do some justice.

It’s hard not to imagine Bill Belichick and Josh Daniels not considering bringing Haskins in via trade because he’s young and has potential. Haskins is with an organization right now who is trying to reface and change their identity. The trade would be prepping for 2021 and 2022, which is still up in the air for the Patriots as far as the quarterback position goes.

Trade Target 3: New Orleans Saints

This potential destination isn’t a bad one when you think about it. Drew Brees might be retiring after this year, or he just might come back for one more year, but Haskins will be another significant addition. The Saints have 1st round QB, Jameis Winston as the backup, but he only signed for 1 year. They also have Taysom Hill, but he is 30 years old and is more of a gadget option QB.

Even if Brees comes back next year, he could mentor Haskins and develop Haskins into a top NFL quarterback before giving him the keys to the locker room. The Saints would also have a decent starter for the next year, and if it works, they can pick up the fifth option. If it doesn’t, then they can part ways without suffering any damage. Haskins would be great learning under a veteran future HOF’er like Brees. Not a bad look for HC Sean Payton.

Other Low-Key destinations?

Some other teams desperately need a QB at this very moment. Due to injuries and just lousy QB play, some teams are looking for a new face under the center. The question is, who are they?

Dallas Cowboys

With Dallas losing Dak Prescott and now Andy Dalton suffering a concussion from a nasty hit by LB Jon Bostic, Dallas could be looking for some assistance at QB. Haskins could be a possible target, considering he has a former Ohio State Buckeye teammate Ezekiel Elliott at RB. That chemistry can very much play well in Dallas. He will also have a jam-packed WR core with Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and 1st rd WR CeeDee Lamb. Him being traded now and doing well as the backup could bring his stock up for the next year.

The only issue with that trade is that the Dallas defense is depleted, putting a lot of pressure on Haskins. Also, the coaches’ controversy that’s going on also seems a little bit much as well. Haskins needs to be somewhere he can learn without the massive distractions on the field and in the front office. Not the best package deal, but it can work out.

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is looking great so far under TB12. However, this maybe Brady’s last year in the NFL. Arians will need a backup QB to replace Brady if he does retire, and this is why this plays a great tune in some people’s ears. It looks as if Arians is attempting to make an SB run this year with the star-studded weapons he has. Gronk, Evans, Godwin, Fournette, and now the addition of Antonio Brown. Brown was working out with Haskins during the offseason to play well as far as chemistry.

Overall, seeing Haskins sitting and learning under one of or if not the best QB in NFL history, Tom Brady could plan for the future. Tampa has a good defense as well, which puts a lot of pressure off the young QB. Even if Brady decided to return next year, Haskins would be able to be mentored by the future HOF’er before becoming the next starter and rewrite his career in the NFL.

As a Washington fan, I hope he stays here in Washington and learns and grows under the coaches. However, if the time comes that he gets traded, I would want him to go somewhere with an excellent coaching standard like Pittsburgh, New England, New Orleans, and Tampa.

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