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Philadelphia’s Injury Crisis: How Do They Recover

Week 1 for the Philadelphia Eagles started slow, but seemingly on one play, the offense exploded. DeSean Jackson had 2 TDs. Alshon Jeffrey had 2 TDs. And the Eagles won, in exciting fashion.

Week 2 comes, and very quickly into the game, those two weapons are nowhere to be found. Then Dallas Goedert is out. By the end of the game, DT Tim Jernigan, and RB Corey Clement were added to the list. QB Carson Wentz and WR Nelson Agholor were in the concussion protocol. Sunday night in Atlanta was not a fun one for Philadelphia.

Despite the injury issues, the Eagles took the lead late. Mack Hollins, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, and Agholor took the places of weapons for Wentz. The running game never came together either. But, one big play by the Falcons offense put them ahead by 4 with less than 2:00 to go, and the lack of big-play ability limited the Eagles attempt at a comeback.

So, what now?

Philadelphia plays again on Sunday at home against Detroit. Jackson will be out for 2 weeks due to a groin injury. Jeffrey may return, but is doubtful with a calf injury. Jernigan, along with the starting DT Malik Jackson-who was hurt in Week 1-are out for the season. A quick acclimation to the gameplan for some inexperienced players will happen leading up to the game.

This isn’t new for Philadelphia. In 2018, the injured list increased by 50% from 2017 under an interim Medical Director, who had just been hired as a stop-gap until a permanent solution could be found. That happened this summer, during camp.

This is not good for the Eagles season, but it isn’t limited to them. All around the league, injuries are on the rise. Five teams will play with new QBs because of injuries. Two players retired at age 29 before the season started because of the toll taken on their bodies.

One thing Philadelphia has in its favor is depth. The TE position is the only unit that is in trouble if Goedert’s absence is lengthy. It’s just him and Zach Ertz.

Agholor flourished last year when Jeffrey missed time. Rookie Arcega-Whiteside is still raw, but he has a huge upside. The offensive line is intact. Wentz is 100% healthy this year, and the running game has levels of talent. In a surprise flurry of injuries, and up against a healthy Atlanta team that is 3rd in pass defense in the league, the Eagles still almost pulled out a victory. They’ll be ok, as long as the injuries are limited to these, and aren’t more serious.


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