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5 Best Landing Spots For Marcus Mariota

In the Titans’ loss to the Denver Broncos in Week 6, former first-round quarterback Marcus Mariota was benched in favor of fellow former first-rounder and former Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The benching sparked a conversation about Mariota’s time in Tennessee. Here are the 5 best landing spots for Marcus Mariota:

5. New England Patriots

No, this isn’t a “shock value” landing spot. This is legit. The Patriots have a knack for acquiring players on the cheaper side and making the best use of them. The Patriots are set at the starting quarterback position right now, but Mariota would be a better insurance policy than Jarrett Stidham. Acquiring a quarterback like Mariota allows him to sit behind one of the best quarterbacks in history and be in a fairly easy system to learn. New England could give Mariota tools he didn’t have in Tennessee: a solid offensive line, quality receiving threats, and a more diverse running game.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

With Ben Roethlisberger our for the season, second-year quarterback Mason Rudolph and undrafted rookie Devlin “Duck” Hodges have been manning the offense. Not saying they haven’t been doing well but…the Steelers could do better at the quarterback position. Inserting Mariota would give them a veteran presence. With the Steelers play calling getting more creative, Mariota could fit in well behind their solid line. The Steelers have a solid receiver in Juju Smith-Schuster and an up-and-coming running back in James Conner, but outside of that they lack experience. Mariota might be the guy to fill that leadership role that is open in the Steel City.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

Now, this may not be ideal for a team that is likely to pick a quarterback in the first round of next year’s draft, but hear me out here. In my last mock draft, I had the Bengals taking Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert with the first pick of the draft. If Cincinnati is ready to move on from Andy Dalton (which, it sure seems like it), trading for Mariota makes sense. You essentially get an upgraded version of Dalton and you get someone who can be a more familiar mentor to Herbert.

2. Seattle Seahawks

Again, not a “shock value” landing spot. Geno Smith is currently the backup to Russell Wilson in Seattle. Given the fact that Russell is one of the most sacked quarterbacks in recent years, it might be time to get a quality backup for the MVP candidate. Mariota could fit in well to Brian Schottenheimer’s offense. He’s a mobile quarterback with a solid arm who could benefit from sitting behind a polished starter like Wilson. However, if the offensive line woes continue and Wilson gets hurt, Mariota would be a considerably better option than Geno Smith.

1. Miami Dolphins

Again…not a “shock value” landing spot. This may seem crazy, but hear me out here: Trade Mariota and a pick for Josh Rosen. Trust me, I’m not crazy. Josh Rosen has been benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins are most likely going to take a quarterback in next year’s draft. With Rosen clearly not being part of their “master” plan, now might be the time for Tennessee to potentially get their future quarterback. Look, it might seem to some that Rosen is a “bust” after being selected in the first round, only to be traded a year later, but he is a victim of poor circumstances. In Arizona, Rosen was put behind an extremely awful (I mean TERRIBLE) offensive line with one solid receiver to throw to. He still managed to put up some decent numbers and even notched a road win at Lambeau. He gets traded to Miami (aka football hell) and the team traded away their best offensive lineman and stuck him with worse receivers than he had in Arizona. On film, he has been making some beautiful throws only to have them dropped. Trading Rosen to Tennessee would give him another fresh start and would give him an opportunity to sit and learn an offense while Tannehill starts. Mariota could be a one year rental or a replacement for Fitzpatrick, then serve as a mentor for whoever they might pick in the first round. If it does end up being Tua, then you have a similar situation as Cincinnati would have if they picked Herbert: familiarity. Tua and Marcus both hail from Hawaii and the bond could be a strong one to help build Miami up from the ashes.

Let is know where you think a good landing spot for Mariota would be!

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