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NFL Week Two Odds Outcome

We are now through two weeks of the NFL season and it has brought the heat. Here is a look at how well our predicted betting odds panned out. In the first week, we predicted 11 of the 16 winners correctly. We were .500 on the over/under. Hopefully, Week Two faired better.

*Key- Red indicated an incorrect prediction. Green indicates a correct one.

Buccaneers at Panthers TNF

Winner: Carolina

Point Spread: CAR -3

O/U: under 49.5 actual score 34

Cardinals at Ravens

Winner: Ravens

Point: -13 Ravens only won by 6

O/U: under 47 actual score 40

Bills at Giants

Winner: Giants

Point: NYG +1.5 lost by 14

O/U: under 43.5  actual score 42

Cowboys at Redskins

Winner: Dallas

Point: -4.5 won by 10 

O/U: over 46.5 actual score 52

Colts at Titans

Winner: Titans 

Point: TEN -3

O/U: over 44.5 actual score 36

Jaguars at Texans

Winner: Houston

Point: don’t take -9.5 won by 1

O/U: under 43 actual score 25

Chargers at Lions

Winner: Chargers 

Point: LA -2.5

O/U: over 47.5 actual score 23

Vikings at Packers

Winner: Vikings 

Point: GB -3

O/U: under 44 actual score 37

Patriots at Dolphins

Winner: Patriots 

Point: don’t take -18.5 won by 43

O/U: over 48 actual score 43

49ers at Bengals

Winner: Bengals 

Point: CIN -2

O/U: under 45 actual score 58

Seahawks at Steelers

Winner: Steelers

Point: Pit -4,5

O/U: under 46.5 actual score 54

Chiefs at Raiders

Winner: Chiefs 

Point: -7.5 won by 18

O/U: under 52.5 actual score 38

Bears at Broncos

Winner: Bears

Point: -2.5 won by 2

O/U: under 40.5 actual score 30

Saints at Rams

Winner: Saints 

Point: Rams -2.5 won by 18

O/U: over 52 actual score 36

Eagles at Falcons SNF

Winner: Eagles

Point: PHI -1.5 

O/U: under 50.5 actual score 44

Browns at Jets MNF

Winner: Browns

Point: -2.5 won by 20

O/U: under 45.5 actual score 26


Week 1: 11/16 winners, 8/16 on O/U

Week 2: 8/16 winners correct (4 winners covered the point spread), 8/16 O/U

Week 2 was a rough week but it is still early. Teams are still finding their rhythm and flow. Injuries to the likes of Ben Roethlisberger and Brees were major impacts this week as well.

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