NCAA Says Lets Play

NCAA gives FBS permission to begin play on Aug 29th

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The NCAA has given permission to FBS schools to prepare to play, starting August 29th.

Originally, that was going to be this year’s Week 0, but because of the virus, the 2 A has reached out to teams and asked them to try to move games to the 29th, instead of September 5th, the original Week 1. The Football Oversight Committee requested the blanket waiver to apply across all FBS schools, not just the Power 5. But, many of those conferences have already canceled or postponed their seasons.

Some camps are now set to open this coming Saturday.

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Conferences can still decide to cancel their seasons or adjust their schedules. We’ve seen the Big Ten and Pac 12 go to a conference-only schedule, and the remaining Power 5 trying to work out a way to play a schedule that would include an option to play each other.

At this time, the Big 12 is still going on the assumption that it will be a full 12-game season.

Other news, Notre Dame will join the ACC this year for scheduling, while another strong independent school, BYU has not chosen a conference to unite with. This could be problematic, if all of the Power 5 schools decide to play a conference-only schedule.

Conferences like the MEAC, MAAC, Ivy League, AAC, and even individual schools have already postponed or canceled their football seasons.

The final status of college football is still yet to be determined. But if the FBS schools who have not canceled or postponed want to play, they can. Starting August 29th.

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