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HOG-side: A look at Washington’s WR Depth-Chart

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Concerns at the WR Position?

The Washington Football Team has had some struggles with the WR depth chart this offseason. With WR Cody Latimer being put on the Commissioner’s Exempt List and 2nd year young WR Kelvin Harmon scratched off the list due to an ACL injury, the franchise needs help in that area.

You have the young breakout star Terry McLaurin and a talented Steven Sims at the WR position, adding the two rookies: Antonio Gibson and Antonio Gandy-Golden.

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However, is that enough for HC Ron Rivera to be satisfied with? So the question that remains unanswered; is the Washington Football Team’s biggest concern right now is at WR?

No, not in the least bit. Rivera stated earlier this offseason, “If you bring in a veteran right now, you’re going to stunt the growth of somebody young.” This was a little after the Cody Latimer incident but before Kelvin Harmon’s season-ending injury. You can check out an article on this site talking about Rivera’s plan to change the culture in Washington here.

On Tuesday, Ron Rivera had a pre-training interview via Zoom, with some reporters asking about the WR position’s concerns. Rivera’s response was a little different than before, “That’s something we’re going to look at,”

With Washington being down two WRs, the only question to ask is will they add more depth, or use what they have?


Who is Available?

Since Ron Rivera is looking at things differently at the WR position, is there a light at the end of the tunnel for free agent WR Antonio Brown? Maybe a cheaper option like ex-Seahawks WR Josh Gordon? Or How about ex-Jets WR Demaryius Thomas? You can even get a cheap, but an affordable option with ex-Detroit WR Jermaine Kearse. Whatever the choice may be, Washington has to consider one of these options considering the lack of depth at the WR position.

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Despite the lack of depth, if Ron Rivera decides to sign a FA, believe me when I say this, that player WILL fit into this new culture regime. This young WR core Washington has is no doubt signs of success in the future, but now with Harmon out and Latimer on the exempt list, something has to happen.

“That’s what we’ve got to build. We’ve got to build that. We’ve got to build character, we’ve got to build culture, we’ve got to build team, we’ve got to build family. If we can do that, we can win,” Ron Rivera said in an interview with Washington Football Team staff writer Zach Selby.