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Jalen Ramsey requests trade out of Jacksonville

It’s not been a secret that the relationship between CB Jalen Ramsey and his current team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, have been on the sketchy side at best. But after a sideline argument between Ramsey and HC Doug Marrone, things have escalated, possibly beyond repair.

Ramsey is in a contract year, and the Jaguars brass made no bones about letting Ramsey know that there would be no talks during the season. Ramsey also let the franchise know that he would not be taking a hometown discount for his services once his current deal has expired. Not to mention he showed up to camp in an armored truck.

But it’s deeper than just money. Ramsey has complained on numerous occasions about the defensive schemes utilized in Jacksonville. He is a player known for being able to lock down a WR, and is not a fan of being in zone coverage. Since 2016 he has made his displeasure known. It came up again in the 2017 AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots.

Things came to a head in Sundays match up with Houston. Ramsey was locked on Texans wideout DeAndre Hopkins, on 3rd down, when a pass from QB Deshaun Watson was caught by Hopkins for a 1st down. Ramsey immediately jumped up and signaled to the Jaguars sideline that the pass was incomplete, adamantly requesting that Marrone challenge the play.

The coach declined, and the drive ended with a Texans field goal.

When Ramsey came off the field, he walked by his head coach screaming about the absence of a challenge. Marrone followed him to the bench, and the argument escalated. Players and coaches had to separate the 2 before things got worse.

Ramsey refused to talk to media after the game, and Marrone downplayed the whole incident. Only adding that he went over to encourage Ramsey to let that play go, that there was a long game ahead.

But Monday came, and Ramsey’s agent David Mulugheta confirmed that his client indeed requests a trade. As to that, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Jaguars have asked for a 1st round pick initially, but does want more for the cornerback. Schefter adds that the trade could happen as soon as this week.

Stay tuned to Pigskin Nut as this story develops.

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