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PigSkinNut is about everything football, including teams outside of the NFL, XFL, and CFL. If we find a team or player worthy of diving into, we do it to the fullest. Joe Achour is one of these players. A former NFL prospect from Shenandoah University and Spring League player, Achour gave me a full interview about his expereince with the Spring League, goals for the XFL, and what it was like as an NFL prospect. Achour is a man with passion, hardwork, and grit and has proven all of these traits actually do pay off in the end. All of this plus much more below in my first official interview with a professional player. Introducing DT Joe Achour…

Q: What are some takeaways from your time within the Spring League before the pandemic interferred?

Achour: Got to go against great competition; and it was an amazing feeling to strap up the pads again, I go to be around some top notch coaching and learn the playbook on the fly.

Q: DId you ever have experience with the XFL?

Achour: No I didn’t but my goal is to play for them in 2022; after I get some film from this year.

Q: You possess great grit and hardwork from your highlight videos. How have your workouts, training, practices been affected by the pandemic?

Achour: I appreciate that. I work like everyday could be my last. My workouts and training didn’t really get affected as bad as others because Texas was open. But I was on an arena team and COVID happened right before our first game. I stayed there with my coach and did voluntary workouts and was grateful to have him train me when he didn’t have to.

Q: How has it been working under Coach Gabriel Martinez and the CIF’s West Texas Warbirds?

Achour: I was actually under Marcus Coleman but he left for another team. Coach Martinez was te one who recruited me and found me. He has been nothing but supportive and pushed me to be the best player I could be, along with Coach Brandon Sesay the new Defensive Coordinator and DL coach. He stayed and trained me and some of the others voluntarily. 

Q: What was it like as an NFL Prospect? Did you receive any offers, tryouts, or feedback from teams? Your size and skills seem like any team would have expressed intereset.

Achour: It’s been a crazy process as an NFL prospect. I’ve actually gotten to workout for a few teams. They told me they loved my speed, get-off, and my ability to change direction at my size. That I could be a hybrid player as either a 3 tech or DE. With the pandemc, it is hard to get picked up to a practice squad as of now unless you’e already been on an NFL roster. I have a lot of connections, I just need more updated film of me now.

Q: What first sparked your passion for the game of football and what would you see yourself doing if not playing ball?

Achour: Watching the Ravens vs the Giants like 10+ years ago, I saw Ray Lewis come down on a 4th and 1 on the goal line and make a huge hit for a stop. That’s when I knew I loved the game. There’s nothing I would rather do than play ball but if I wasn’table to play I would have to coach or do something involving football. But football is my only plan.

Q: Did you participate in any additional sports?

Achour: Wrestling in high school and little league basketball

Q: Who is the best player who you have faced and who is the best you were teammates with?

Achour: I would have to say they are the same person, given he was on the offensive line and we were teammates: Jermaine Eluemunor- former Texas A&M guard who played for the Ravens and now with the Patriots.

Q: What is the most memorable play or moment from your career?

Achour: When I was in junior college, I came down and smacked the RB so hard his helmet flew off.

Q: What is something you would tell yourself as a HS freshman player?

Achour: Go hard every play, every rep, because it might be your last and you never know who is watching.

Q: If you were in front of a pro scout right now, how would you pitch yourself? Qualities, skills, strenghts, what puts you above the rest of the pool?

Achour: I would say that I have raw talent, speed, size, and I’m coachable. I really just need to be coached up by a NFL coach to prefect my technique and craft. I’m a humble guy who comes to work everyday and gives it my all. I am a film junkie; love watching film as much as playing and really learning new things from the eye in the sky. I’m super fast and strong from my size and really just need a coach willing to give me a shot and coach me up. I also am a natural born leader. I tend to do my best and go above and beyond and my teammates also tend to keep the trend going. I’ve been a leader all my life and love to set the tone to greatness.

Again, I would like to thank Joe Achour on the behalf of myself and PigSkinNut for taking the time for giving us this insightful interview. I would also like to congradulate the former Spring League Conqueror for officiall signing with the Champions Indoor Football West Texas Warbirds!

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