NFC West Report Card Grades: Weeks 3-4

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The NFL is continuing for now and PigSkinNut is still giving biweekly grades. We go through each division and analysis each position group on how they played in a two-week span. We do every two weeks instead of just one because we feel you get a better sense of players over a long timeframe. If someone struggles two straight weeks, then there might be an issue. Even the best players have down days and it doesn’t give a proper outlook on them. This highlights the NFC West report card grades for Weeks 3 & 4.

So let’s take a look at how the NFC West is looking heading into Week 5.

NFC West standings:

Seattle 4-0

LA Rams 3-1

Arizona 2-2

San Francisco 2-2

NFC West QB Report Card

Seattle- A+

This is Russell Wilson’s MVP to lose. Russell had another fantastic two weeks throwing for almost 700 yards, seven touchdowns and just one interception in two games. If he continues to play at this level, watch out for the Seahawks to be the favorite in the Super Bowl.

LA Rams- B-

Goff threw an INT in a tight window but bounced back with a 2 TD game in Week 3. Against the Giants, he was forced to nothing but dump-offs and short passes in hopes of a miracle from his playmakers. With Kupp and Woods, you can’t blame him.

San Francisco- C+

Over the past two weeks, Nick Mullens has done an average job filling in for Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s thrown for over 500 yards and two touchdowns, but there is a clear contrast between himself and Garoppolo. There are times were Mullens overthrows or under throws his receivers. Throws that usually a healthy Garoppolo can make. Mullens will have to do more moving forward to keep this team in the right direction.

Arizona- C-

Murray threw three picks against the Lions, two of which you can blame him for. He didn’t throw one against the Panthers and threw three TDs. Granted, he had a lot of short passes and little success downfield with his deep passes. His legs are still a major factor in his game but he has to start finding receivers not named Hopkins.

NFC West RB Report Card

Seattle- B+

Chris Carson continues to be a stable running back to pair with Wilson. He’s accumulated just under 150 yards and two touchdowns over the past two weeks. Carson makes it easy on Wilson by taking a lot of the pressure off.

LA Rams- B

Darrell Henderson Jr had quite a game against the Bills but was shut down by the Giants. It seems like just a bad day against New York and this run game has a bright future with three worthy starters emerging.

Arizona- C+

Kenyan Drake had a solid outing in Week 3 but the entire RB group was stuffed by Carolina. Kyler Murray is the superior runner on the team but he needs consistent help from the backfield.

San Francisco- C+

Jerick McKinnon has only accumulated 92 yards and two touchdowns over two weeks. For a team used to running backs going over at least 100 yards a game, this area needs some work. Hopefully, they will be getting Mostert back in the next coming weeks, which will substantially boost the position group.

NFC West WR Report Card

Seattle- A+

If you have a quarterback playing very well, chances are you have a receiving corps that is also very productive. And that rings true with the Seattle Seahawks. DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are arguably one of the better one-two punches in the NFL. Over the last two weeks, the pair have accounted for 355 yards, 23 receptions, and four touchdowns. Sprinkle in a little bit of David Moore, who had a fantastic game in week four. And this continues to be one of the more dominant offenses in football.

San Francisco- B+

Although statistically, this group does not look impressive, it is the best group on the 49ers. George Kittle returning to the lineup helps enormously. As evidenced by his week four matchup against the Eagles, he had 15 catches for 183 yards and one touchdown. Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk are also being key contributors. Samuel, returning from injury in week four, and Aiyuk having two rushing touchdowns off reverse plays over two games.

LA Rams- B

Cooper Kupp had over 100 yards against Buffalo and had a long TD late against the Giants. Woods and Highbee are consistent playmakers and the TEs are excelling with their blocking schemes. They are relied on heavily on their yards after the catch.

Arizona- B

DeAndre Hopkins seems much happier with his production in Arizona, having over 180 receiving yards in the last two weeks. The other receivers not named Hopkins are stepping up more. Andy Isabella had two TDs against the Lions and Dan Arnold is gaining traction. Larry Fitzgerald is starting to become irrelevant, which will have to change in the future.

NFC West OL Report Card

Arizona- B+

Arizona’s offensive line has been surprisingly solid this year. The offense isn’t totally electric but the o-line is giving Murray every opportunity. He has had tons of time and ease in the pocket while only being sacked twice in the last two weeks. The run game has been decent but that is falling more on the RBs themselves.

LA Rams- B

Darrell Henderson’s success was greatly influenced by the offensive line. Austin Corbett struggled against the Giants but the overall group is solid. They’ve allowed four sacks but Goff is having ample time in the pocket.

Seattle- B-

There is a little give-and-take here. Carson has been running the ball well thanks to a good push from the offensive line. However, Wilson has taken six sacks over the past two games. I would look for this offense of line to step it up to make sure Wilson stays off the ground and continues pushing forward to help the run game.

San Francisco- C-

Where the wide receivers and tight ends thrive, the offensive line suffers. They have allowed six sacks over two weeks and haven’t had a 100-yard rusher. This group continues to be the weak link of the San Francisco office. The one exception being Trent Williams, who continues to assert his dominance in the NFL as one of the best tackles in the game.

NFC West DL Report Card

LA Rams- B-

They faced Josh Allen, which isn’t fair to any D-line. Although, they did rack up four sacks though. There was better luck against Daniel Jones but they allowed 136 rushing yards.

San Francisco- C+

I feel like I was a little too harsh on this group; they haven’t allowed a team in the past two weeks to get over 100 yards rushing. In that respect, they are doing good. However, there isn’t a singular interior defense of lineman on this team that stands out.

Arizona- C

While they struggle to get to the QB sometimes, they are disruptive. They held the Lions under 100 rushing yards but allowed over 150 to Carolina, even without CMC.

Seattle- C-

Over the past two weeks, the opposing running game hasn’t been much of a factor. You can probably credit some of that to the linebackers. Poona Ford and Jarran Reed have been constant contributors all season in the interior. However, they will need to step it up next week when Dalvin Cook comes to town. Or they’re in for a long day.

NFC West LB Report Card

Seattle- B

Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright continue to be the centerpiece of this defense. Together they have 38 tackles over the past two games, while also being critical contributors in the run defense. The only thing missing is another outside linebacker to help with some form of a pass rush. Other than that, this is a solid group.

San Francisco- B-

Fred Warner and Kwon Alexander are the lifeblood of this defense at the moment. They have played solid defense the past two weeks and are looking to build on the season so far, seeing as they are the two key players in the middle of the field. Whenever Dre Greenlaw returns, it will add a third linebacker to the mix and solidify an already respectable group.

LA Rams- C+

Finishing through on tackles is a major issue for this group lately. They allowed some major plays on crucial downs but they did swarm Daniel Jones most of the day.

Arizona- C-

This is the weakest unit of Arizona’s defense. They allow huge runs, missed tackles, and blown coverages. There’s not much they offer in helping blitz the QB either.

NFC West DB Report Card

Seattle- B

Shaquill Griffin and Ryan Neal BOTH have two picks each over the last two weeks. Neal, who is filling in for defensive stud Jamal Adams, has overperformed, but in the best way. We will continue to see just what kind of player Neal is with Adam Thielen and DeAndre Hopkins coming to town over the next few weeks.

LA Rams- B-

Josh Allen racked up over 300 yards and four TDs against this unit but Daniel Jones faced a decent defense. Jalen Ramsey isn’t targeted much and is being faced with lots of short screens. Darious Williams helped sealed the win against the Giants.

San Francisco- C+

Over the last two games, the team has two interceptions. None of them have come from this position group. The absence of Richard Sherman is evident, and veterans like Jaquiski Tartt and Jimmie Ward need to step up their game and force quarterbacks to throw interceptions to their group. Otherwise, the more skilled quarterbacks will continue to pick them apart. Luckily, they only faced Daniel Jones and Carson Wentz these last two games.

Arizona- C+

Missed tackles are a dime a dozen with Arizona. They’ve allowed over 250 passing yards in each of the last two games and are leaving many receivers wide open and are suffering from quick passes.

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