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Antonio Brown throws a tantrum on Twitter

In what looks like a desperate attempt at remaining in the news cycle on the 1st Sunday of the 2019 season where he has not been on an active roster, Antonio Brown took his frustrations to Twitter.

Calling out Patriots ownership, former teammate Ben Roethlisberger, and former TE Shannon Sharpe, Brown not only announced he was not going to play in the NFL anymore, he all but set that in motion.

After being released from the Patriots, Brown expressed gratitude for getting a chance, but just a day later, amid reports that teams were interested, he decides to take a shot at anyone he could.

This shouldn’t be news, but it is, and just more evidence that some type of mental health issue is going on. Brown has yet to take any accountability for any of his actions. This sets his case apart from anyone else that has had issues such as this. Just a little humility could go a long way.

His career in the NFL could be finished, whether he wants it to be or not. But is this the last we will see from AB? Absolutely not.

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