Big 12 plans to play

The Big 12 announce they plan to play football this fall

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ESPN has reported that the Big 12 announced they “plan” to move forward with playing football this fall.

While it’s not an absolute statement, it does speak to them wanting to get on the field. But Texas is a state has that been hit hard by the virus. And they house most of the conference. After the Board of Directors met Tuesday, chairman Victor Bochini released this statement:

“Our student-athletes want to compete, and it is the board’s collective opinion that sports can be conducted safely and in concert with the best interests of their well-being. We remain vigilant in monitoring the trends and effects of COVID 19 as we learn more about the virus. If at any point our scientists and doctors conclude that our institutions cannot provide a safe and appropriate environment for our participants, we will change course.”

The conference will play a “9 and 1” schedule. Nine conference games, and 1 nonconference. The start of the conference schedule will be on September 26th. And with the NCAA allowing teams to play starting August 29th, the nonconference game will fall somewhere between th2 dates.

The biggest game for the Big-12, The Red River Showdown between Texas and Oklahoma will take place on December 10th. The conference released its schedule via Twitter:

Along with this news, the AAC has also released a statement about whether they will play or not. While not in the Power 5, the American Athletic Conference is considered the best Group of 5 in the country. Here’s what commissioner Mike Aresco had to say:

“We think it is premature to make any major decisions at this time. We continue to gather more information, and we also are monitoring the overall situation. The health and safety of our student-athletes is obviously our top priority.”

It will be hard to name a true national champion. With the Big Ten and Pac-12 canceling their season, and the remaining conferences won’t be playing a full slate of games. We may also see players from the previously mentioned conferences transfer to the Big 12, SEC, or ACC if they indeed do play. As there will likely be a better shot at playing time if they have their fall season.

All of this is still up in the air. Teams have until the end of this month to make their decisions, but it looks like the Big 12 wants to move forward. And so much goes into this decision that it cannot be made lightly. With eligibility concerns, incoming freshman class, the NFL draft, and most importantly the health of these student-athletes, there’s a lot to be considered.

Whatever happens, we know that the SEC holds all the cards. If they decide to cancel their season (I think they will), it’s likely nobody will be playing football this fall.

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