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NFL’s Washington Football Club name change could have hit a trademark snag

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There have been calls for the Washington Football Club to change their name from the Redskins for quite some time. But over the past few weeks, that process has been accelerated.

Now they may have slowed a bit, as trademark issues have reportedly become part of the news. Virginia actuary Martin McCaulay has been on this path with the trademarks for over 6 years. That trajectory changed a bit today.

McCaulay hired attorney Darren Heitner today. And this morning, Heitner sent out a letter to Washington Football Club’s owner Daniel Snyder:

McCaulay has been a fan of the team for years, and became part of the name change 6 years ago, when he applied for the name, Washington Pigskins. The NFL noticed, but allowed him to continue.

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Recently, though, he has secured ownership of several more trademarks, all of which could potentially be new names for the team. Some people online, have accused Mr. McCaulay of being a trademark squatter; someone who buys up names, with the sole intention of being paid by someone for their use.

Martin has sworn this is not the case. And the letter from his attorney attests to that. He has stated he only wanted to be a conduit, to make it easier for the team to make the change. Not to mention, McCaulay himself said the same thing Tuesday via Twitter:

We will have Martin on the PigskinNut LIVE show tomorrow night at 9pm EDT on our Facebook page. We will get to hear about this process, and where it’s taken him over the last 6 years.

But we can tell you for certain, if there is a snag within the trademark process, it isn’t because of him. We’ll let him explain the rest on the show.