FSU covid-19 inconsistencies

At least 2 FSU players reported inconsistencies with COVID-19 testing

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It’s a crazy time for sports right now, especially football. COVID-19 shut everything down for a while, and fall sports are still up in the air for both the NFL and college football. With the Big Ten and Pac-12 postponing their seasons, the Big-12 saying they’re moving forward, all eyes are on the ACC and the SEC.

But it’s not looking so great in Tallahassee. At least 2 current FSU players have reported being lied to about their COVID-19 tests. The first, WR DJ Matthews tweeted out his results, but later deleted those tweets. And now, WR Warren Thompson has made the same claims.


After Matthews deleted his tweets about testing positive, he said, “All lies, smh.”

There is no doubt pressure being put on these conferences to play this fall. With the NCAA and broadcast partners standing to lose a ton of money if they don’t. But as I have asked before, who is speaking for the players?

Both conferences that have postponed had players form a psuedo-union. That led to a lot of questions, and eventually, they decided to call it quits. Colorado State players reported being told to hide symptoms, and that self-quarantining would lead to punishments.

There has not been a unilateral decision made by the governing body on how to handle the virus, testing, and mitigation. Some of that is because different areas have been affected more than others. But the fact remains that Florida and Texas (who house most of the schools in the remaining 3 Power 5 conferences,) have been hit worse than others.

And yet, they’re still trying to play. At least for now.