Should Cowboys Fans be Worried about a Dak Contract?

There’s no doubt Dak Prescott’s future contract is a polarizing subject. Cowboys fans seem to be at an even 50/50 split over whether he deserves a big payday or not. But, the biggest factor that’s being overlooked in this debate is that it doesn’t really matter what he’s worth. It matters what the market says a starting quarterback is worth.

Sure, $30+ million sounds like a boatload of money for any one player.

That’s because it is.

But, that’s what you have to pay to keep a proven starter at the quarterback position. Russell Wilson is the latest quarterback to set the market, but that number is only going to rise the longer the Cowboys wait. Jared Goff, Deshaun Watson, and Carson Wentz are all set to become free agents in 2021.

It’s very likely one of those contracts could top the bar Russell Wilson just set.

If the Cowboys can come to an agreement with Prescott before Goff, Watson, or Wentz sign a new deal, they have a much better chance of signing him to a deal that will look cheap in a few years.


You also have to factor in how much his asking price could go up if he plays out another season. Yes, there’s a chance he has a disappointing year and drives his own price down, which would raise even more red flags about a big contract. But, it’s more likely Dak has a stellar year that could cause his price to skyrocket.

The Cowboys have the most talented roster they’ve had in quite a while. Factor in the highly regarded fresh mind of Kellen Moore as the new offensive coordinator and you have a promising offense. Prescott’s numbers could be absolutely dazzling by the end of next season.

Even though the debate will rage on long after this article is written, hopefully it settled some uneasy feelings. Dak has proven to be a successful starting in the NFL. He may not possess the passing ability of a typical franchise quarterback yet, but his leadership and ability to get the job done are rare attributes for any player.

Don’t be upset when the news breaks that Dak Prescott received a $30+ million per year deal.




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